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  • New NSNs and NSN Search

    DLA assigned new NSNs to the American Lock Solid Body padlocks. Order right with the new NSN, download the New NSNs per DLA cross reference.

    Find the Master Lock or American Lock padlock that matches your requirements. Cross reference many Government National Stock Numbers (NSN) to Master Lock and American Lock part numbers to find the exact padlock you need. Simply enter your NSN number or use our search.

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  • Government Standards

    Where required, Master Lock government padlocks are manufactured to exacting U.S. Government standards CID-A-A-59486 and CID-A-A-59487. They feature a bump resistant, five-pin tumbler cylinder for more than 10,000 key changes and a dual locking mechanism for superior pry resistance. For added security, all models have non-removable keys.

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  • Dealer Locator

    Master Lock’s high quality padlocks protect assets at government facilities throughout the world, securing high-value military property, withstanding extensive use and harsh environments, and defeating attempts to breach security. Use our Dealer Locator tool to find an authorized Master Lock government dealer closest to you.

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